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Charlotte Høyem Osburg

Born in Oslo in 1977. Before I was 12, I was lucky to survive a drowning from my parent's boat, falling out of the car on the motorway, being hit with a steel arrow from 15 meters by the neighbour boy and subsequently falling from a tree into a huge stick shrub to mention but some of my accidents.

I have a weakness for hardware stores, I get so many ideas there and love the combination of everything from chains and screws to tupperware and chainsaws. I can spend hours there, love to visit them when I am abroad. They tell me something about the people in foreign  countries. As a nature loving citizen of Oslo and Berlin, I'm fascinated by the contrast between the concrete jungle and wild, untamed nature.

my preferred spot for a morning coffee

Thorvald Meyers gate 5/Olaf Ryes plass
0555 Oslo

my favourite cultural institution

Youngs gate 6
0181 Oslo

In the daytime it’s a café that serves you the best breakfast/lunch and doubles as a workspace. Then it turns into a dinner place and a cocktail bar.

They serve simple food of honest ingredients at a good price. Here you can come to conferences, debates, lectures, exhibitions, events, dance performances, concerts, shuffle/ping pong and it has a lovely backyard. On weekends you sometimes find a market here, and big artists are having small intimate concerts where the profits go to different charitable purposes.

here’s where I buy my books

Universitetsgata 12
0164 Oslo

This bookstore has been orund since the seventies and it has a good reputation within the community and among literature enthusiasts alike. The store specializes in film, art, society, politics and subcultural themes. The comic strip section on the lower floor is considered to be exceptionally well stocked.

additional local shops I support

The FISIHNG BOATS at Rådhusbrygga, coming in from the ocean in the morning with their catch of fresh shellfish and fish. I prefer freshly cooked shrimps, bring white bread, lemon and mayonnaise and a blanket and take the boat directly from the same bay out to the islands for bathing. They start at 7 am and close when they are sold out. Wednesdays to Saturdays.

The city's best butcher, small and independent.

And, of course, last but not least:
ZACHARIASSEN hardwear store

this is where I go for a simple dinner with friends

Seilduksgata 15
0553 Oslo

Inspiration for the place is taken from Tom Waits' release "Nighthawks At The Diner". Everything revolves around american diner tradition, albeit with a focus on organic and local ingredients.


Akershusstranda 25
0150 Oslo

Vippa, a culture and learning center at the far end of Vippetangen, is the host of multiple food stands offering sustainable and diverse food. Here you can dine and drink in the beautiful surroundings of the fjord and learn about fish, urban agriculture and much more.

here I dine when there’s something to celebrate

Grønlandsleiret 15
0190 Oslo

Also named "Lompa" this place consists of a beer hall and a restaurant. The menu is based on Norwegian traditional food, and is changed many times a year to use seasonal ingredients. I love this old restaurant from 1892(!) located in the middle of the multicultural hipster-area Grønnland. The food is irresistibly good.


Trondheimsveien 2
0560 Oslo

I love this location in the old brewery/Schous Bryggeri. They offer rustic cuisine from all over Italy. Use season-related ingredients from Norway and Italy. Here you dine extremely well at an ok price.

my favourite pizza spot

Stortingsgata 16
0161 Oslo

The best pizza I have ever tasted in Norway. The menu here is based on the classic Italian pizza, but without being too tightly bound to the traditional. The exciting toppings and original flavour combinations taste heavenly.


several locations

In the daytime it’s a bakery, in the afternoon it turns into a pizzeria. Irresistibly good.

my bar of choice

Mariboes gate 7
0183 Oslo
You probably won’t find thsi bar unless you’re looking for it.

Bar Robinet on Facebook

A well-known little bar with many years of success serving up a wide range of creative drinks to a niche crowd. It’s so tiny and often full of life and has a mixed clientele. Robinet is located right at the Rockefeller concert venue.


Thorvald Meyers gate 59
0552 Oslo

Ryes Bar on Facebook

Pub with a small live music concert stage.

Brugata 3A
0186 Oslo

Teddy's on Facebook

Opened in 1958 and not changed much since. Jukebox, light food and outdoor seating. Teddy's has a mixed clientele, mainly from the rockabilly and cultural scenes. From time to time there will be small intimate concerts.


ANDRE TIL HØYRE (english: second to the right)
Youngs gate 19
0181 Oslo

no website

Cocktail bar with a nice atmosphere. Furnished as an apartment with small seating areas and with a large heavy table that seats many people. The cocktail menu changes regularly and offers a good variety.

additional things not to be missed

The view of Oslo from Ekeberg is amazing. You'll be looking at the fjord with the islands and the mountains and forest that encircles the city. That’s probably why the food here is so expensive, but it's also worth taking the trip for just a cup of coffee with this incredible view.

In the summer when it's hot and the sun is shining:
Rent some bikes and ride through the forest to Paradisbukta (or paradise bay, which says it all...) for beach-fun and bathing. Bring a barbecue and make some nice food in the evening or ride the bikes to:

Lille Herbern
It's only about 100 meters on a small ferry and here you can sit by the water watching boats or take a bath. Here you get excellent shellfish food. You can also take the bus back to the city centre.

If you just want to take a swim, Sørenga is even closer to the city and also a nice option. It’s a large fjord pool with seawater from the Oslo Fjord. Expect a swimming pool, a beach, a children's pool, and a large recreational area with big crowds on sunny summer days. The Sørenga pool is open to the public all year round and in winter cold water swimming and sauna are popular activities. Sørenga is a new neighbourhood located along Oslo's new harbour promenade with outdoor spaces on the waterfront.

the next person I’d like to read about on creative traveller

Maria Fors, fashion designer and consultant in Paris.

HØYEM oslo - berlin

Based in tradition, folk costumes and historic references, HØYEM focuses on small, charming collections which are a tribute to the wonderful cultural treasures and a legacy of folk costumes around the whole world.

The cuts are relatively straight and clear, but the way the patterns are made, the constructed/draped volume and detailed solutions give the clothes a special character.

The garments should not push, tighten and inhibit, but fit perfectly and ensure maximum freedom of movement in all situations. HØYEM's clothes feel strong and androgynous, yet remain feminine. The HØYEM woman is going to feel confident and independent unusual, amazing and irresistible. That's our passion and duty.

Local production in an ethically sound way and using fair-trade and sustainable fabrics of high quality are additional key elements of our collections.

Find our first own shop on Olaf Ryes plass 6 in Oslo.

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