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Devon Bunce, Melbourne

Most of my childhood was spent in the mountains of Idaho/USA, but at 20 years old I was sitting in a philosophy class in Uppsala, Sweden. I caught the travel bug. In search of practical applications for my philosophy degree, I wound up at an alternative education program in Denmark called “Kaospilots.” It was there that I found a like-minded community and delved into design thinking, group process facilitation, leadership, and personal development. After six years in Scandinavia, I moved to Melbourne to deepen my practice in group process facilitation and apply it to developing emotional health in community. There I found myself looking to supplement the facilitation practice with visuals to reflect back the work businesses and communities were doing around developing emotional health. From there I found myself in the full-time role of “live scribe” (also called “graphic recorder” or “graphic facilitator”).  

I’ve called Melbourne home since 2015. It’s the “world’s most livable city” (we’re quite proud of that title) and the creative capital of Australia. Aside from the cultural events and festivals, the diversity in communities, amazing public transport, art & design, a ridiculous amount of options for live music, affordability, and a great work/life balance, the people are interesting, progressive, kind and easy-going. And you’re never far away from breathtaking, untouched nature. No-brainer… yet still somehow a kept secret :)

my preferred spot for a morning coffee

Let’s just say that Melbourne calls itself the coffee capital of the world with good reason. You can find a coffee spot based on your specific and refined coffee taste buds and will never be far from something fabulous. The “Magic” is a Melbourne-specific coffee, order it anywhere and baristas will know...

Everyday Coffee

Herbert Cafe


East Elevation

Wide Open Road

my favourite cultural institution

This inner city regeneration project is truly the best cultural institution a city can offer. An organic farm built on what once was a trash dump, within the city, and on our beloved Meri Creek. Chickens running free, check. Organic farm, check. Organic grocer, check. Not to mention all the offerings; music festivals, DIY bike repairs with the help of teachers, a café, classes on meditation and spiritual ecology, educational tours about all ways of living off the grid (gardening included), make your own natural soaps, and definitely kombucha. Not to be missed.

NGV (National Gallery Victoria)
This is our great gallery that attracts incredible exhibitions from around the world. Always interesting. Always thought provoking. Book your ticket online beforehand to avoid any queues.

here’s where I buy my books

an additional local shop I support

93 George Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Just go. You will not regret it. And you’ll certainly find something to laugh at. And a beautiful display of the makings of silly creatives of Melbourne and beyond.

101/105 High Street
Northcote VIC 3070

Organic grocery store, tight aisles, healthy staff, and everything you need.

33-39 Keele Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

A japanese cafe, also serving up japanese homewares and lush plants.

this is where I go for a simple dinner with friends

213 High Street
Northcote VIC 3070

Excellent Ethiopian food, and even nicer people.

83 St. Georges Road
Fitzroy North

This vegetarian restaurant has the best homelike atmosphere in the city, and the only question you’ll need to answer is whether you have any dietary requirements. The food is exceptional, especially the chickpea bake! Dine in, or bring your own tupperware and you can get a heap of food to eat for cheap takeaway. Take it to Edinburgh Gardens with a bottle of wine and have a picnic.

214 St. Georges Road
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Cozy campfire-lit backyard, $9* Negronis, and cheap and cheerful pasta. What more do you need?

*cocktails are expensive in Australia, so this is a great deal for us.

here I dine when there’s something to celebrate

Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

Just some unreal asian-fusion food, in a very warm, modern and bustling atmosphere.

122 Russell Street
Melbourne 3000

An unassuming and cozy wine bar with beautifully crafted and unusual dishes. The pickled cucumbers and cream doesn’t sound appealing but try it.

my favourite pizza spot

239 Johnston Street
Abbotsford VIC

124 Langridge Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

my bar of choice

Classic aussie pub that draws a hip crowd. Nice rooftop, nice staff.

A little hidden gem that calls upon Melbourne’s laneway culture, and plays great music.

An inner-city cocktail bar good for a late night out, giving you the option of late night chats in the courtyard but also head upstairs for a steamy dance floor that plays mostly funky house music into the early hours. There’s also a 24 hour modern diner right next door if you get hungry. And a vegan snack vending machine.

A spot for regulars and an institution in the Northcote suburb. Candle-lit and warm in the winter, a popular quiz night on Wednesdays, and a foliage-filled backyard for warmer nights or a long afternoon.

233 High Street
Northcote VIC 3070

Berlin-esque little bar, with an easy backyard.

additional things not to be missed

A beautiful, nature-filled wandering path along the creek, and through the suburbs. Also great for a bike ride.

Some of the best of what Victoria (even Australia) offers in terms of untouched nature. Hike and camp on pristine white-sand beaches, swim in turquoise waters, and take in nature that will make you feel like you’re in prehistoric times. Just 3 hours drive from downtown Melbourne.

the next person I’d like to read about on creative traveller

Astri Haukaas, fine artist, gallery owner and hot norwegian power woman living in Copenhagen (coming soon)


I work as a live scribe and illustrator in Melbourne, Australia. Live scribing is essentially a live illustration of a conversation; a meeting, summit, workshop or event. If you’ve ever seen a TED talk being drawn as it’s happening… that’s live scribing. The intention is to encourage right hemisphere thinking, create a sensorial and spatial experience of a conversation, make a conversation both more abstract and concrete, and can highlight new connections, new perspectives and new ways of understanding information. Words paired with images increases and opens up the way we integrate and remember information. I do this work with various companies, events, and communities around the world, from the UN in New York, to the desert of Qatar, to rural indigenous communities in Australia.

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