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Nadia Rosasco

Nadia is the second daughter of a quite typical Zurich area family, which means all mixed: Father from northern Italy, the mother a native “Zurichoise” with German and Ticinesi (southern Swiss) roots.

After a wonderful youth in the countryside outside of Zurich, Nadia discovered the world outside of Switzerland, having lived in Paris and the Dominican Republic all under the premise to learn the languages. With success. Nadia speaks five languages fluently, which can be of big help when producing TV commercials all over the world with directors of many different nationalities.

my preferred spot for a morning coffee

Gasometerstrasse 5
8005 Zurich

The brunch is great and when not in the mood for a coffee, try the excellent fresh peppermint tea!

my favourite cultural institution

Heimplatz 1
8001 Zurich

This is just such a nice place. Come and see for yourself.

here’s where I buy my books

I buy them online...

an additional local shop I support

Ankerstrasse 25
8004 Zurich

Friends of mine who do the most amazing self-designed, printed, crotched, knitted scarfs (see picture above), pillows, handbags. Check it out!

this is where I go for a simple dinner with friends

Zeughausstrasse 61
8004 Zurich

I love basic food. No fancy stuff but well cooked meals with the very best ingredients. That’s what I find here. Plus their garden is one of the nicest in town.

here I dine when there’s something to celebrate

Either SALA OF TOKYO (Limmatstrasse 29, 8005 Zurich), the first Japanese Restaurant in Switzerland. They do sushi, but one goes there for either a delicious Shabu Shabu or any other traditional Japanese dish.


KRONENHALLE (Rämistrasse 4, 8001 Zurich) although this restaurant can be found in every tourist guide, the Kronenhalle with its original Miros, Matisses and Braques on the walls is a must-see. Try to get a table in the front room called “the bistro” (and make sure you have an apéro (drink) before dinner at fabulous KRONENHALLE BAR).

my bar of choice

BAR 63
Rolandstrasse 19
8004 Zurich

It’s a bar. Nothing but a bar and I like that. The crowd is very mixed in age and style. Love it there!

additional things not to be missed

In summer having a swim in the Limmat river is a must. Oberer Letten is unfortunately often very crowded, but if you go there before lunch it’s just great! Walk up to the bridge of Landesmuseum park, jump in and drift till Letten.

the next person I’d like to read about on creative traveller

Elmer de Haas, photographer, director and artist in Amsterdam.

ROSAS & CO Films, Zürich

ROSAS & CO Films is a well established commercial production company based in the heart of Zurich. It’s been operating and producing way over 500 TC commercials since its establishment in 2004. Amongst many others, we have worked for renowned clients such as Migros, Swisscom, Electrolux, Raiffeisen Bank, Emmentaler and many, many more.

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