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new york

my preferred spot for a morning coffee

212 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012

It’s a little Swiss café with outside seating in front of the Petrosino Square. You can also go for lunch and dinner, with a private backroom for bigger groups.

my favourite cultural institutions

That one is a bit difficult to answer, it’s a big city that has a lot to offer.

The National Sawdust in Williamsburg is probably one of my favourites. It’s an intimate music space with exceptional programming to discover a wide range of incredibly talented musicians. After the concert there is a bistro in the space called Ri​der, serving healthy food and specialty cocktails. 

The Explorers Club is a beautiful old townhouse that makes you feel the nostalgia of expeditions past and human preservation and exploration as we dive into the future. They have interesting and informative public lectures based around conservation.

Metrograph Theatre is a small and modern art deco-esque film theater that premiers rare archival print screenings, exclusive premieres, book signings and other fun events. They also have a restaurant that’s inspired by the studio eateries from Hollywood’s golden age.

here’s where I buy my books

Unfortunately many of them are gone by now. But here's a well curated place for photography books that’s always worth a visit.

33 Bond St.
New York, NY 10012

additional local shops I support

IF Boutique

Japan Premium Beef if you eat meat and want to cook one night.

BDDW​ is a beautiful furniture store that’s worth just to go for inspiration.


A walk down Orchard Street and surrounding area. It's turning into an art gallery hub with many restaurants and bars.

this is where I go for a simple dinner with friends

RedFarm or Decoy. It is a farm to table restaurant that will get you addicted. Probably the best Peking duck in town. And almost every dish is a treat.

here I dine when there’s something to celebrate

​Chinese Tuxedo deep into Chinatown has probably become our favourite new place. Great food in a fun atmosphere.

Freemans Restaurant. Especially in the winter when it’s cold outside.

Ushiwakamura — if you want an unforgettable Sushi dinner.

my favourite pizza spot

my bars of choice

8 Stuyvesant St.
New York, NY 10003

no website

A hidden Japanese cocktail bar behind a late night Izakaya.

9 Doyers St.
New York, NY 10013

It’s right next to Chinese Tuxedo.

240 East 9th Street
New York, NY 1000

A late night NYC classic.

additional things not to be missed

Brunch in Chinatown. ​Dim Sum in Chinatown is definitely a highlight not to be missed. Don’t forget to order the chicken feet.

Golden Unicorn if you want the authentic Chinese version.

Dim Sum Gogo down the street, if you can’t handle the unicorn.

Cocoron if you love healthy food. It’s a Japanese soba place on Kenmare you should go see.

the next person I’d like to read about on creative traveller

I'm thinking about it...


We started with the intention to create a line that was versatile and transitional with an inherent sense for longevity, both in craftsmanship and design. Over the years it has become the blueprint for unconscious sustainability and has since grown into our main pursuit.

Traveling throughout the world and living in Manhattan has fostered a strong appreciation for diversity and minimalism. We’re especially drawn to the nomads and artisans throughout the silk road, as well as South America. Their sensibilities and way of life lends a strong influence to our silhouettes and fabric choices. We like to create with these concepts in mind and visualize a more modern and progressive direction rooted in contemporary art, music and culture.

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1. Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2007
2. Backstage at Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2016
3. Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2017
4. Backstage at Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2017
5. Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2017
6. Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2018
7. Nicholas K Office in Tribeca

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